Exclusive Made With Love stockist for central Scotland and much more including handpicked gowns, separates and accessories from Alena Leena, Viktoria Chan, Catherine Deane, Liretta, Innocentia, Halseene and our own exclusive label; Uncharted by Unbridaled. Over 100 gowns all as different as each other, but true to our signature vibe. Most samples are a 12-14 but we have many smaller and larger to try on too so please don’t worry about fit. With new collections arriving all the time, we change our line up regularly, so don’t delay if you’ve see something you love. Sample our renowned down to earth service in our meringue-free mecca by booking below... Prices from £1500-£2500

We carry a fairly specific aesthetic so are not the best shop to ‘just try on lots of things to figure out what you want’. For this reason we recommend you satisfy your curiosity and experience more traditional gowns in another store before making the journey to us. However if you are sure you specifically want a less traditional/modern/edgy bridal gown with a budget of up to £2500 then you’re in the right place! Our guest limit is bride plus two, although we recommend bringing just 1 key person with you for a more calm and enjoyable experience. There is a strict no photo policy and babies & children are not permitted. You must have a minimum of 8 months from appointment to wear date. Due to current climate we strongly recommend a minimum of 10 months. There are no exceptions to these booking conditions, so please do not ask. SPECIAL EVENTS - Made With Love Trunk Show (extra styles and sizes in store that we do not normally carry) End of April - TBA - suitable for 2023 weddings only. Appointments are bookable up to 3 months in advance. **NEW YEAR, NEW STORE - 51 KYLE STREET, KA71RS**